The beginning

A family tradition since 1954 that Don Diego Piñero Moreno started by buying almonds from growers.

At that time the almond was shelled by hand and the kernel was sold to chocolatiers, confectioneries and bakeries.


The childhood

From a very young age, the brothers helped their father who, simultaneously with his small business of shelling almonds by hand and selling their precious kernel, bought farms and planting with almond trees and sold them later, when they were in production.

Diego Piñero Moreno instilled the cultivation of the almond tree in different areas of La Mancha and Murcia.


The Union

At that time the brothers join their father who in the coming years would teach them everything necessary to deal with the purchase and marketing of shelled almonds, instilling in them the principles and seriousness of that time.

At the ages of 16 and 18, the brothers began their journey from town to town buying small volume of almonds from house to house.


A new age

The Piñero brothers create Almendras de la Mancha S.A. located in Hellín (Albacete). It is a young company but with deep roots in the almond market.

The company installs its first shelling group with the best technology available on the market to offer to their customers the best almond delivery conditions. The relationship with suppliers and customers is extraordinary, since working together opens up new horizons.


Looking to the future

Due to the great work carried out and the commercial success achieved in recent years, the Piñero brothers incorporated a second independent shelling group for the processing of organic almonds. With this goal, Almendras de La Mancha doubles the total kernel production, satisfying the new needs of the market.


Advanced technology

In recent years, the facilities have been expanded by incorporating a third XL shelling group with the latest technology, expanding cold areas to guarantee the best storage conditions for the almonds, automatic packaging lines, controlled atmosphere areas and vacuum packaging for our most demanding clients.


The strength of the Group

We process more than 50,000 tons annually at our facilities, between conventional and organic almonds, with a shelling power of close to 400 tons per day in shell, 120 tons of almond kernels per day and more than 60 tons of blanched almonds per day.

We have 48,000 m2 of facilities with the most advanced technologies in the market in each section, with the aim of marketing almonds of certified origin and quality, natural, blanched and industrialized. Conventional and Organic.

We serve more than 1,000 customers around the world.