Almendras de La Mancha has a wide variety of products which can satisfy lots of preferences
  • Valencias Almonds
    A mixture of different varieties. Valencia almonds are mainly used in turron and marzipan industry.
  • ferragnes almonds
    This variety is very precious due to its sweetness.
  • Guara Almonds
    Sweet almond suitable for turron industry.
  • Largueta Almonds
    The perfect choice as an appetizer.
  • Marcona Almonds
    Marcona variety is known as the queen of almonds. It is higly demanded in turron industry.
  • Eco Almonds
    Organic almonds are grown by natural processes
  • Nompareil Almonds
    Origin: USA
  • American standar
    Origin: USA
  • Carmel Almonds
    Origin: USA
  • Butte Almonds
    Origin: USA